Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat “The Robin”

  • This is our most popular and signature mat -- it is ultra light and beautifully smooth. The sustainable cork is non-slip with natural anti-microbial properties that resist mold, mildew and bad smells.

    At 5 mm thick, there is a comfortable dense foam base that is free of PVC’s. Complimentary cotton yoga mat strap included. With the feeling of nature beating within you, we wish you a pure and inspiring yoga practice.

    • Suitable for all styles of yoga. For hot yoga, you can go towel-free and will not need to deal with a smelly mat.
    • Top side: 100% sustainable cork that provides a superior grip in both dry and wet conditions. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and self-cleaning.
    • Bottom side: Comfortable, 5mm thick slip-resistant foam, which upholds our eco-conscious values – 100% recyclable, and free of PVC, plasticizers, and latex.
    • Lightweight which makes for a perfect travel mat.
    • Attractive design will look good no matter where it is stored.
    • Available in one of our bundles

    Specifications: 72″ x 26” | 5mm thick | 1.9 lbs. | 4 in. diameter rolled

    Pro Tip: For extra grip, spray water on your mat in the area your hands and feet go before practice

72″ x 26”

Customer Reviews

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Emily Phillips
Great mat!

Very comfortable mat and I love the strap to keep it rolled and easy to carry! I also love the simplicity and sustainability of the cork!

Fantastic Mat!

I was so excited for this mat a) for the apparent cushion, b) for the added grip, and c) for the sustainability of cork. So far it has met or exceeded every expectation! It has just the right amount of cushion to help protect sore joints ( aka the knees!) without being too bulky. The cork really helps to keep hands and feet from slipping. And, the additional inches in either direction of the mat are also fantastic; I don't have to worry about constantly re-centering myself on my mat so that I don't step off. Fantastic mat, we will see how it holds up with more use!

Michael Lyons
Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat

Thank You 😎
Great traction and so comfortable to practice on. First practice on mat was on a concrete floor I was impressed 👍🏻

It was so great to meet you at the SWFL Yoga Week Event, Michael! Thank you for your support and we are so happy you love your new mat.


A genuinely great mat for its non slip ability, but the lining on the edge of my mat tore and started fraying white strings after 2 (at home) uses. I still use it, but the fraying keeps getting worse and it’s frustrating for such an expensive mat

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will send you a direct message so we can figure out what’s happening with your mat.

Consuelo Brathwaite
Smooth move

I love my mat. It's easy and comfortable to handle. Exercise is gentle on the mat.