Hi, we are 42 Birds and we are glad you’re here!

42 Birds brings a new level of sustainability and eco-consciousness to the yoga community while offering a design-driven approach. We are passionate about building an inclusive brand that creates high-quality yoga mats and accessories. We aspire to bring a mindful and progressive approach to everything we do.

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration and allows us to produce a beautiful product that will look great in your home or favorite studio.

All of our yoga mats and accessories are made from cork which is harvested from oak trees grown in the Mediterranean. This harvesting practice has been taking place for over 1,000 years and is considered the most sustainable and environmentally friendly in the world. We value the opportunity to give back and help support the forests, farmers, and native inhabitants from which our product originates. 

We are so excited to be supporting cork forests, farmers and all the species that live in the cork forests while also bringing the most amazing products to the yoga community. Discovering cork has elevated our yoga practice and we think you will feel the same.

Thank you for supporting the 42 bird species in the cork forests and being part of our community.

42 Birds is owned and operated by Andrew and Victoria Fortnum. They are brother and sister, and business partners. Addie Conner and Robyn Shapiro founded 42 Birds in 2019, and are still involved as active advisors.