Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat, Massage Balls and Yoga Block Bundle - "The Flock"

  • The cork lightweight yoga mat, massage balls, and yoga block by 42 Birds will complete your yoga and fitness routine. Fully sustainable and eco-friendly, the cork material is non-slip with anti-microbial and self-cleaning properties that resist mold, mildew, and bad smells.

    With cork, you can finally avoid toxins and chemicals via rubber/plastic, which are used in most yoga and fitness products. The beauty and elegance of cork will look great in your home and yoga studio.

    Includes: 1 Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat "The Robin," 1 Cork Therapy Massage Ball Set "The Little Owls," and 2 Cork Blocks "The Nuthatch."

  • Specifications: Cork Lightweight Mat = 72″ x 26” | 5mm thick | 1.9 lbs. | 4 in. diameter rolled | Cork Block = 9” x 6” x 4”, 2.2 lbs | Massage Balls = (2) 60mm diameter 140g balls and (1) 20mm diameter 20g ball

    • The cork lightweight yoga mat offers perfect grip, even in the sweatiest yoga practices. In fact, when moisture is added, the grip increases!
    • The cork massage balls are perfect for relieving tension and improving muscle function. Decrease soreness, increase flexibility, and improve your energy with myofascial release. 
    • The cork yoga block provides a comfortable yet firm grip, not found in foam blocks. Built to be sturdy, grounding, non-slip, and safe for all postures. 

Customer Reviews

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Love this product buy it highly recommend you will love it

Chad Dilley

Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat, Massage Balls and Yoga Block Bundle - "The Flock"



David Huynh
Cork might not be super sturdy

I feel like the cork will flake off once I start using it with full force. It feels a bit fragile.

Thanks for the note, David! Cork is naturally a super light material so it might not feel incredibly sturdy but it's actually a very high-performance mat. You should not experience any flaking but can always contact us at if you have further questions or need assistance.

Antonnette Brumlik
Best Gift

Got for my daughter she loves and says it’s her favorite yoga mat

We are so happy to hear your daughter loves her new bundle! Thank you for supporting 42 Birds and providing your feedback.