Cork Massage Therapy Balls “The Little Owls”

  • The massage therapy ball set by 42 Birds is perfect for massaging your body before or after works outs or yoga-- and is the next big trend in wellness. Relieve muscle soreness, increase flexibility and improve your energy with myofascial release. This unique set of 3 massage therapy balls, including a special tiny reflexology ball for feet and face, is perfect for helping with targeted tissue massages. It also comes in complimentary an easy-to-transport elegant canvas bag. If you are looking to cover larger body parts check out our cork massage roller.

    • Made from 100% recycled sustainable cork 
    • Versatile tool for self-massage/self-myofascial release and self-acupressure
    • Perfect for all areas of your body, especially smaller harder to reach areas on the face and feet
    • Weighted balls for deeper pressure

    Specifications: (2) 60mm diameter 140g balls and (1) 20mm diameter 20g ball

    Pro Tip:Keep the two balls together in the bag in a peanut shape and run down your spine for a professional-level feel

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Outstanding! We love ours.

omg love!

So so so so so glad I got these! These are perfect for getting into the sore spots on my feet. I love that I can use them while I'm in doing nearly anything too. In the kitchen when I'm already standing, while I'm working from home and already have my shoes off... so versatile. I have also used the teeny one to roll on my arms, which helps immensely after a good boxing workout.

I love these!!

I am so happy with all my products from 42 Birds! Their effectiveness has motivated me to use them daily which has made my whole body feel better overall! Thank You!

The only yoga mat to have!

A great mat to utilize when you want to feel good about feeling good!

Very happy with purchase.

Love the quality and look of product. Meets all expectations. Love my purchase!