Cork Massage Roller "The Warbler"

  • The 42 Birds cork massage roller has special ridges that connect with the contours of your body to hit all the right trigger points to loosen up knots and restore soft tissues and muscles back to their original form. Similar to a deep tissue massage, the high density cork material helps apply the right amount of pressure on stiff muscles to help aid in relaxing and releasing tension. The dense cork material also allow it to maintain its shape— even after heavy use during yoga class or any fitness workout. Paired greatly with one of our yoga mats!

    • Made from 100% recycled sustainable cork 
    • Versatile tool for self-massage/self-myofascial release and self-acupressure
    • Perfect for all areas of your body, especially wider areas such as your back and legs

    Specifications: 18" x 5" | 3 lbs.

    Pro Tip: Use the roller as a prop in yoga class or even as a purposeful piece of furniture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best product, long wait

Had to wait several months before receiving b'c the company was out of stock but it was WORTH THE WAIT.

Great, but...

It gets the job done as a roller. But after only using it a handful of times, pieces of cork are flaking off. Just hoping it's going to hold up for the long run.


Cork Massage Roller "The Warbler"