Cork Massage Roller "The Warbler"

  • The 42 Birds cork massage roller has special ridges that connect with the contours of your body to hit all the right trigger points to loosen up knots and restore soft tissues and muscles back to their original form. Similar to a deep tissue massage, the high density cork material helps apply the right amount of pressure on stiff muscles to help aid in relaxing and releasing tension. The dense cork material also allow it to maintain its shape— even after heavy use during yoga class or any fitness workout. Paired greatly with one of our yoga mats!

    • Made from 100% recycled sustainable cork 
    • Versatile tool for self-massage/self-myofascial release and self-acupressure
    • Perfect for all areas of your body, especially wider areas such as your back and legs

    Specifications: 18" x 5" | 3 lbs.

    Pro Tip: Use the roller as a prop in yoga class or even as a purposeful piece of furniture.

Customer Reviews

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michelle cummings

Cork Massage Roller "The Warbler"

Simon Bingham Bingham
Roller and long mat

I’ll have to say I love them both and don’t get a chemical smell when I’m doing yoga and breathing hard near my mat. Roller is hard but am used to it now and use everyday! Thank y’all for being sustainable an hopefully investing your money in other sustainable venture! Here’s a great book for sustainable investments : Making Money Matter- Impact investing time save the World by Ben Bingham

Jen Hawton
Great body rollers on

This feel amazing and it’s sturdy. The warbler is a great addition to my yoga props. Thank you 42Birds! I love it

For the Environment

My favorite part of the roller and massage balls is that they are made from sustainable material. They are a bit dense and harder than I’d comfortably like, but I will keep and use them because I support sustainable companies and choices, and am grateful for 42Birds.
With the massage roller, instead of rolling up and down my spine freely (because it’s hard on my spine) I gently roll to a spot that feels good and hang out for awhile. This works for me! The massage balls really get in there because of their density, and the smallest one is effective and so cute!

Heather Westleigh
Cork roller

This is a really nice product - it isn’t long enough to do some of the things I need to do wirh a roller, so be aware that this is a shorter roller. Also, cork is very hard, which I should have considered. :) overall, well constructed and shipped quickly.