FAQs | 42 Birds



Where does the cork come from?

Our cork is harvested from cork forests in Portugal where 55% of the world’s cork comes from.

What’s with the name?

42 is the number of bird species in the cork forests according to 100% Cork. We also just love birds.

What’s your favorite bird joke?

Q: What happened when the owl lost his voice?

A: He didn't give a hoot!


How do I clean my cork yoga mat?

Because cork is anti-microbial and anti-static, it does not need any chemical sprays. For general cleaning we recommend using the a natural cleaner once a week or so depending on use to keep it fresh.

How should I store my yoga mat?

The best way to store your yoga mat is to keep it flat or rolled. You don’t want to fold your mat, since that can crease the cork.

Should I get a roller or balls to start my rolling routine?

Ideally both :) But the way to think about the difference is balls are better for trigger points and more targeted areas like really getting deep into your shoulders, the roller can be better for larger areas like rolling your quads.