Cork Yoga Mat “The Robin”

  • The natural cork yoga mat by 42 Birds is ultra light and beautifully smooth. The sustainable cork is non-slip with natural anti-microbial properties that resist mold, mildew and bad smells.

    At 5 mm thick, there is a comfortable dense foam base that is free of PVC’s. Complimentary cotton yoga mat strap included. With the feeling of nature beating within you, we wish you a pure and inspiring yoga practice.

    • Suitable for all styles of yoga. For hot yoga, you can go towel-free and will not need to deal with a smelly mat.
    • Top side: 100% sustainable cork that provides a superior grip in both dry and wet conditions. Cork is naturally antimicrobial and self-cleaning.
    • Bottom side: Comfortable, 5mm thick slip-resistant foam, which upholds our eco-conscious values – 100% recyclable, and free of PVC, plasticizers, and latex.
    • Lightweight which makes for a perfect travel mat.
    • Attractive design will look good no matter where it is stored.
    • Available in one of our bundles

    Specifications: 72″ x 24” | 5mm thick | 1.9 lbs. | 4 in. diameter rolled

    Pro Tip: For extra grip, spray water on your mat in the area your hands and feet go before practice

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Already falling apart

I’ve had no issues with slipping, however, a piece of cork fell off, exposing the backing of the foam underside of the mat.

Not sticky

It’s only sticky if you get it wet.


Some concern about the adhesion of the cork to the backing. I can see a lot of little holes where the backing shows through. Would have liked it to be a bit wider (about 2 inches less than my Lululemon).

The mat has great grip and dries super fast. I find that it is a very nice yoga mat and look forward to continued use in the years ahead.

A Pleasing Surface, but Flimsy

The cork surface feels nice, and sticks well when damp - luckily I'm generally pretty sweaty, but it would be slippery for someone less damp than myself. It's also a very thin material, which means it shifts and folds up sometimes when moving between poses. I can't say I'd recommend it to a friend, but I'm not disappointed enough to send it back.


I love my cork mat. Makes me love my yoga practice even more. So easy to maintain.