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Cork Yoga Mat and Two-Block Bundle

  • Our cork yoga mat and yoga block bundle will complete your yoga and fitness routine. Fully sustainable and eco-friendly, the cork material is non-slip with anti-microbial and self-cleaning properties that resist mold, mildew and bad smells.

    With cork, you can finally avoid toxins and chemicals via rubber/plastic, which are used in most yoga and fitness products. The beauty and elegance of cork will look great in your home and yoga studio.

    Includes: 1 Cork Yoga Mat "The Robin" and 2 Cork Blocks "The Nuthatch."

    • The cork yoga mat is super light and offers perfect grip, even in the sweatiest yoga practices. In fact, when moisture is added, the grip increases!
    • The cork yoga block provides a comfortable yet firm grip, not found in foam blocks. Built to be sturdy, grounding, non-slip and safe for all postures. 
    • Save $10 with the bundle set, instead of purchasing each individually!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The mat meets all my criteria for a perfect mat. I didn't realize you could go plastic-free, help save the cork forests, and get an affordable option for a high-quality mat that doesn't slip when you sweat. It's also incredibly light to carry around. Thank you <3


Very impressed with the feel of the mat especially for hot yoga! The light weight is a plus! So thankful I tried it!


I love my bundle! The mat is just the right thickness, comfortable and has an awesome does not slide! And the block are super sturdy and easy to grasp. It's all just perfect...what a great idea!

Awesome mat!

it's true.. this is a very grippy mat. I usually use a Yogi Toes cover for grip on my mats, but this one doesn't need it - it's great! the blocks are also fantastic quality, very solid and stable. cork for the win, yall!


I purchased the yoga mat and blocks. What a difference from my previous mat, no smell from toxic processing agents. It’s beautiful and non slip, giving you more traction for your poses. The blocks are heavier than I anticipated, solid cork, but give you that added stability.
Great product, highly recommend! Plus you feel like your doing something good for Mother Earth!